Welcome to Restaurant jolee

Restaurant Jolee, located on Victoria Avenue, specializes in delivering authentic South Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine since its opening in 2001. Diners will experience all sorts of exciting and amorous concoctions as it offers exotic platters, for a friendly and affordable price. For those who live by the motto, “The hotter, the better”, Jolee offers numerous spicy dishes to satisfy your thrill seeking taste buds. It hosts a comfortable place for you to dine in, accompanied by South Indian music to keep things lively and entertaining. And during the summer, take advantage of its sunny terrace while you enjoy your taste of southern aroma. For those of you who are in a rush or would like to experience a delectable dish at the comfort of your own home, Jolee offers a fast and efficient take out service and delivery services as well. Come enjoy a traditional South Asian cuisine along with your friends and family and you will not be disappointed!

   5495 Victoria Avenue, Montréal, Québec, H3W 2P9.   |     Tél: 514.733.6362

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